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Cash back apps...my favorites! How about you...are you saving too?!

Cash back...what a wonderful thing! There are several different ways that I earn cash back while shopping in the store, or while shopping ...


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Frugal Field Trips

This listing is a work in progress...please e-mail your frugal field trips to me, at queenofthehouse2@gmail.com and I will add them to the list!
Thank you for your help!


Applewood Orchard, Lakeville, MN
Pick your own apples, strawberries and raspberries OR buy already picked produce.
For more information, visit Applewood Orchard

Gedney Pickle Factory, Chaska, MN (FREE)
This was such a fun field trip!  We got to see how pickles were made, and were sent home with a pickle "hat", and even jars of pickles!
Go to Gedney Pickle, for contact information, and "pickle fun"!

Great Harvest Bakery, nationwide locations (FREE)
Visit your local Great Harvest Bakery for a tour, and bread samples, of course!

Science Museum of Minnesota (St. Paul, MN)
Homeschool families qualify for Educator Membership privileges.  This is a HUGE savings and includes Omni ticket theaters for each family member per visit. Pin It Print Friendly and PDF