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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Pumpkin Pie Coffee Creamer

This is an excellent recipe for a "better for you" creamer, than CoffeeMate.  I got it from www.thefamilyhomestead.com

It is very nummy!!!  :)

Pumpkin Pie Coffee Creamer
I love the liquid coffee creamers that come in all kinds of yummy flavors, but… I don’t like the unhealthy ingredients they contain. So every now and again I try my hand at making my own with better quality ingredients. I found this one last year and I hope you enjoy it too!

1 cup half-n-half
½ cup cane juice crystals (can use white sugar instead)
3T canned pumpkin
½ t vanilla
½ t cinnamon
¼ t ginger
1/8 t nutmeg
1/8 t cloves

Combine all ingredients in a small sauce pan. Heat until cane juice crystals dissolved and ingredients are well combined. Enjoy in a hot cup of coffee. Store in refrigerator. Pin It Print Friendly and PDF

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