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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Frugal Shopping at Byerlys/Lunds??? For my Twin Cities readers

Did you hear that right? Can I really shop frugally at Byerlys? Yes, if you stick to the great bargains that they have, you really can. I wanted to especially let you know that right now and through Dec. 24, you can place your order online and have FREE drive thru pickup service. They have some fabulous deals right now.....just to name a few favorites....Angel Soft toilet paper, Buy One, Get One Free (that works out to be 24 double rolls for $8.29)!!!!! Birds Eye frozen vegetables for 99 cents, Green Giant canned vegetables 5/$2.00. These prices are as good or better than SuperTarget, Cub, Rainbow, etc. AND you order online, pick up FREE at the drive thru. Here's a link...Byerlys/Lunds online

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