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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Kwik Trip Rewards Program

If you live in Minnesota or Wisconsin, you might want to look for a local Kwik Trip gas station and check out their reward program.  Now, I don't like to recommend to anyone that you should use a credit card.  They can cause a lot of trouble.  My husband and I thought a lot about getting the credit card for Kwik Trip, and decided if we used it wisely, we would benefit by having it.  You see, we buy 95% of our milk from Kwik Trip.  We buy the milk in half gallon bags and use the milk container provided by their store.  The milk is hormone free, by the way.  We save a TON of money buying our milk this way.  Currently the price per gallon to buy it this way is $1.78/gallon.  I know you can often buy milk at Cub, Rainbow and SuperTarget for low prices like this, but Kwik Trip's regular price is always low.  We also buy our gas at Kwik Trip, because we usually need to pick up milk anyway, so it makes most sense to buy it at the same time.  By applying for Kwik Trip's credit card, we receive 3 cents off per gallon of gas, and 10% back on in-store purchases (some items excluded, but not the ones we buy).  Therefore, every 3 months, we receive a rebate check that is between $25 -$30 to be used to buy gas and milk again!  In addition to this, they have a punch card for milk and orange juice.  Each 1/2 gallon you buy, you get a punch.  When you get 20 punches (10 gallons), you receive $1.00 off another gallon! 
Back to using it wisely.....we would pay the entire balance off each month.  If we didn't do this, it would be silly to have it, as our finance charge would cancel out what we would be saving.
If you have a Kwik Trip gas station near you, and would like to check it out, go to their website here. Pin It Print Friendly and PDF