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Friday, February 19, 2010

Homeschooling with the Winter Olympics

I love it when my children's interests can be used for learning activities!  I try to focus in on that whenever I can because I know they learn more when I do.  My youngest is very excited about the Winter Olympics this time around.  You see, he was only 3 years old during the last Olympics, and doesn't remember them.  Yesterday he asked if we could go to NBC.com, to see how many medals the United States had won.  (He obviously had heard them mention that sometime during the viewing on Wednesday night!)  So, we did.  We took it one step further and got out our big, writable world map that we have from Sonlight.  Now, each morning, he is taking a look at the total medals on NBC.com and recording the numbers for each country on the map!  If he doesn't know where a country is, he looks it up on our world map and then finds it on the writable map to record the number.  We have also gotten our Geography Songs CD out again, as he doesn't know the songs to help memorize the geography of our whole world.  His brothers learned them years ago, when he was too little to remember.  Now he is going around the house singing about the continents, the United States and more!!!  Fabulous!!  A learning opportunity seized and most importantly it was driven by him!!!  :)

I would LOVE to hear how you are using the Winter Olympics in your homeschool or just with your family, if you don't homeschool. Pin It Print Friendly and PDF