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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Birthday!!!!! and some fun links for kids....

My baby boy is 8 years old today!!!!!  How can that be?  Happy Birthday Sweetie!!!  (He'll love this in a few years, won't he???  :))

So, in honor of my youngest son, I will post some links to things that he enjoys.  Maybe you will be able to take advantage of some of these fun things for your family too.

Several years ago we signed up for a FREE Lego magazine at the Lego website.  It comes several times a year and my boys always love getting mail!  You can also have your children play games online at Lego.com

Baseball cards!!!  Oh the fun that all of my boys have had with collecting and sorting baseball cards!  There are several sites online that let you enter in codes that you find on the cards you buy.  Check out ToppsTown (ages 8 and up), and UpperDeckU for sports related games to play.

Listening to books and stories on tape/CD is another thing all of my boys have loved.  Adventures in Odyssey has always been a favorite.  If you are a homeschool family, you can get HUGE savings at Library and Educational Services on these stories and more.  Pin It Print Friendly and PDF

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