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Friday, May 28, 2010

De-Frazzling my Friday!!! episode 2

Well, it's Friday again!  Yay!  I kind of like the theme that I have going for Fridays now....De-Frazzling my Friday.  Hopefully, little by little I will be getting myself more organized.  I have very high expectations of myself, which is a good thing, but in reality, I just can't seem to get it together.  That's where the conflict occurs!  But, instead of beating myself up about it, I will just keep plugging away at organizing....baby steps, as FlyLady would say!  :)

So here is my "project" for this Friday....the counter next to my phone (which is also by the sink & dishwasher and can cause much grief if all the papers get wet!!!)

And, this is how I want it to look....

Now, before you get too excited and think I already took care of all the papers....I didn't....yet!  I still need to clean out my file folders and maybe find a spot in the cupboard for them instead.  My thought to having the files on the counter originally was to be able to file the papers right away.  It was a good idea, and still is, but it doesn't happen all of the time.  The cupboard might work but unfortunately, the space that I am thinking about using, currently looks like this:

I would love to hear how you organize the paper work at your house!  Pin It Print Friendly and PDF