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Friday, May 21, 2010

De-Frazzling my Friday!!!

Defrazzling....is that a word?  Whether it is or not, I am trying to de-frazzle my Friday!  :)  In last Friday's post I referred to the way the clutter in my house makes me feel.  FRAZZLED!!!  So today I wanted to tackle my kitchen island.

How does it get this way???  It might not look THAT bad, but you can't see the depth of the pile!  LOL!!  Part of the problem of my clutter in the kitchen is that it is my "office" also.  We have our computer in the kitchen, which I really love, but my "office" spills onto my island (and the rest of my kitchen counters!)  It is also a favorite spot for my boys to do their handwriting and math work.  Sometimes they forget to put their work away where it belongs.

Enough with the excuses....just dig in!

So, after spending a little time sorting, clipping, tossing...

Yay!  Even Mickey Mouse is smiling and waving!!!  :)

Little by little, I am determined to de-frazzle (not just on Fridays) and maybe even write about it.  Now, to borrow from the Flylady, I need to make sure to "put out these hot spots before they start a fire!"  So, I will try to clean up before they get out of hand.
Maybe you don't have this problem at your house.  Maybe you have a great system that you use to keep yourself organized.   I would love to hear your organizational ideas and your stories of de-frazzling too!  Maybe we can all encourage one another! Pin It Print Friendly and PDF