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Friday, May 7, 2010

Local Discount Websites....Groupon, Living Social and Crowd Cut

I have had the pleasure this week of receiving 2 fabulous deals from websites that, I believe, are nationwide, yet have local deals.  The first deal came from LivingSocial.com.  I was able to buy a certificate worth $20, but only pay $10, for a local bakery.  Living Social has the added benefit of referring friends and then getting your deal FREE.  If 3 of my friends had purchased the bakery deal, I would have earned another $20 FREE!!!  Wow!  Also, when a friend uses your link to sign up, they’ll get $5 in Deal Bucks to help them buy their first deal. Once they do, you’ll get $5 as well!

The other deal came from CrowdCut.com and I received a FREE any size, any beverage at Dunn Bros. coffee!!  (I already redeemed that offer!  Mmm!!)  Crowd Cut is based in Minneapolis/St. Paul.  If you sign up for a FREE account, you can refer friends.  If they sign up, you get $10 of CrowdCut bucks to spend!

The other nationwide site that I know of that has fabulous daily deals is called Groupon.com.  I have never ordered a deal from them, but I think it would be great too, if they offered just the right deal.  They too, will let you refer friends and earn $10 in Groupon bucks.

Find out more about them by clicking any of the links below:
Crowd Cut (Minneapolis/St. Paul)

If you have used these sites, please share with the rest of us the great deals that you have received!!  :) Pin It Print Friendly and PDF