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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

FREE Birthday coffee!!!!

If you haven't noticed yet, I love FREE things, especially a FREE coffee drink!

I celebrated my birthday about a week ago, and I had to laugh because I had so many FREE coupons to use at different restaurants, that I thought I might not get to use them all before they expired!  Like a friend from church said, "too many coupons, too little time"!  That one made me laugh!

At Starbucks, you will need to register a card to enjoy the benefits (you can easily put any amount of money on a card and use it right then to pay for your drink.)  If you have a card and haven't registered it yet, go to Starbucks Rewards so you can start earning FREE drinks and other benefits. 

My local choice is Caribou Coffee and they will give you a FREE drink on your birthday, if you sign up for their e-mail offers! 

You can also sign up for Roastmaster Rewards at Dunn Bros. and you will receive a FREE birthday drink.

Do you know of other coffee places that will give you FREE birthday coffee?  Please let us know!  Pin It Print Friendly and PDF