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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Frugal Back to School Shopping....I know it's only July...

I know, I know, it's only July, but now that I have 2 boys going to school, other than at home,  I needed to be a little diligent on the school supply shopping front, and spend my money wisely.

Besides, I LOVE school supplies!  I played school as a little girl, and then have been a teacher for 18 years, and I always get a little excited about buying school supplies!  Crazy, huh?

Yesterday, we made a trip to Walmart.  I checked the Sunday ads for several stores beforehand, and Walmart had the best deals (this week) on spiral notebooks and pocket folders.  We need a LOT of them between these 2 boys.  Because we were saving so much on the notebooks and folders (only 15 cents each), I didn't worry too much about the cost of the markers, and pencils that they needed too.

I will be going to Target anyway....I always do!  LOL!  I know that I will need another color for the notebooks and folders (we need 6 colors, Walmart only has 5 colors), so I will probably pick up a few odds and ends that we didn't buy yet.

Another big item that I didn't buy yet are the 3 ring binders.  I wanted to compare prices on those....the total for those can quickly add up....I want to know my options!

Have you done any back to school shopping for school supplies?  Homeschool, public school, private school?  We all need them, right?

Do you pick everything up at one store or do you plan your trips around the best deals? Pin It Print Friendly and PDF