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Friday, August 6, 2010

De-Frazzling my Friday!!!! episode 6

To have a garage sale, or not to have a garage sale.....that is the question in my mind these days.

My youngest keeps asking, "When are we going to have our garage sale?"  and I keep saying things like, "When baseball is done, or maybe next week when VBS is done, or ....."  You get the picture.

As part of my de-frazzling my Fridays, and decluttering our house, I have filled bags of clothes, books, etc.  thinking that I will have a garage sale.  My husband is quick to remind me that they are a lot of work, and I hardly make any money with them! So, I think I will pull any items out that I could possibly sell on ebay, bring the books to Half-Price Books to sell, and the rest will be donated to a good cause.


Do you struggle with this at your house too?????  I would love to hear your solutions!  :) Pin It Print Friendly and PDF


  1. I have been working on having a yard sale since Mid May.... it just ain't happenin'! The majority of the yard sale items I have is stuff my daughter has grown out of (clothes, toys, etc.).

    I was just like you, realized that there is hardly any money in it and it's a LOT of work. I decided to take her clothes and toys to a children's consignment shop. That has worked out much better for me... they do all the work and keep a percentage of what they sell it for for themselves.

    The remainder of the items I had that was possibly yard sale material I donated to local goodwills and habitat for humanities. As long as you get a voucher of a reasonable "worth" of your donated items, it is tax deductible.. It's truly a win, win situation. I got rid of my stuff (which kept me from becoming a pack rat) with little work to myself and did end up making a little extra cash too.

  2. I have this debate with myself a lot - especially recently because we're about to move (only five miles). Do you craigslist? If you have time, you could take pictures of it and list it there. Then you don't have to worry about the shipping part of ebay. Sometimes I can get rid of a lot on craigslist and sometimes it takes weeks before I get someone interested in it.

  3. We've had one garage sale in our 12 year marriage and ended up concluding that it just isn't worth it. We itemize in our tax return and keep track of all our charitable giving. I like that - we give our things to others who can get good use of them and in return we get some tax benefit and the house decluttered.
    Then there are things that I can't get rid of because I don't know if we're completely done using them. So in those cases, I lend them out so that they aren't taking up space when I don't need them. For example, baby bouncy seat or co-sleeper.
    Some things go good on e-bay - book collections or homeschool curriculum are good examples here.
    Good luck de-frazzling and God Bless!
    Heather :-)

  4. Bee, yes, I have had some success with Craigslist. It really can be great for bigger items!

    HappyMom, as far as homeschool books, I have done well on ebay too, at times, but don't like the extra fees I have to pay with paypal too.

    I haven't tried consignment shops lately but am glad that has been successful for you, Ginger!

    Thanks to all of you for your comments! I appreciate it!:)

    Have a great weekend!


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