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Friday, August 6, 2010

De-Frazzling my Friday!!!! episode 6

To have a garage sale, or not to have a garage sale.....that is the question in my mind these days.

My youngest keeps asking, "When are we going to have our garage sale?"  and I keep saying things like, "When baseball is done, or maybe next week when VBS is done, or ....."  You get the picture.

As part of my de-frazzling my Fridays, and decluttering our house, I have filled bags of clothes, books, etc.  thinking that I will have a garage sale.  My husband is quick to remind me that they are a lot of work, and I hardly make any money with them! So, I think I will pull any items out that I could possibly sell on ebay, bring the books to Half-Price Books to sell, and the rest will be donated to a good cause.


Do you struggle with this at your house too?????  I would love to hear your solutions!  :) Pin It Print Friendly and PDF