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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Ripping Out UGLY vinyl flooring!

I loved my vinyl flooring when we had our house built 12 years ago!

I chose beautiful sparkling white!  White carpet, white couches....it was all so pristine!

We only had one little boy at the time...why not white?

My husband always gently reminds me that I was the one who wanted white.....I STILL love white, but over the years, 3 boys, and one little WHITE dog later....

...the words dull and yellow come to mind.

So, out goes the vinyl flooring....I could have dealt with the "not so white" look on the floor anymore, but we also had holes....a can dropped here, a metal stool that lost a rubber end and gouged the floor there, a puppy that thought that was a good place to chew.....the list goes on.

The big boys went to school yesterday.  My "baby boy" and I started ripping up the floor!

I asked my darling husband beforehand, if he minded if we ripped it up.  "Go for it," were his words to me.  That's all the incentive I needed.

Now, we don't have immediate plans for replacing the flooring.  Actually, I think I will try staining/painting the subfloor.  It has a beautiful wood grain to it.  It HAS to be better than what we just ripped up!!!!  If you have any advice or encouragement for me, I would love to hear it!!!  :)

So, that is what Works For Me!  Check out more Works for Me Wednesday posts at We Are That Family.

Stay tuned for updates on how my kitchen floor looks.... Pin It Print Friendly and PDF