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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Saturday Stumbles....

I feel like a little kid with a new toy!!!!  :)  Last weekend, we gave in and changed my individual plan to a family plan!  It was time....my husband's prepaid phone was on its last legs, and it really only made sense to go to a family plan (with unlimited texting).  We have always had T-mobile, and they really did have the best deal, so we did it.  The part that is so fun about it, is the texting!  I NEVER thought I would want to text, but I must admit, I like it!!   :) 

Now on to the best of the web this week:

***I came across this fabulous idea, that I think I will try to use with my 3rd grader.  Life as Mom, has a cute little way for your kids to remember what "chores" they should do in the morning.  She calls it The Morning High Five

***Home-Ec101.com has a great Fall Outdoor To Do List, that will help me think about the outdoor projects I need to force myself to do before the snow flies!  LOL!!!  (We have had unusually cold weather these last couple of weeks, I hope it will warm up soon....before winter really does arrive!)

***Crunchy Zucchini Sticks....hmmmm.....I really am tempted to give this one a try....do you think I have ANY chance in getting my family to eat zucchini, and ACTUALLY like it????

Have a fabulous weekend everyone!!!  :)

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