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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Christmas Gift Giving...what works for me!

Now that it is the beginning of November, I probably need to at least start thinking a "little" bit about Christmas gifts this year.  I love Christmas, we celebrate the birth of Jesus, our Savior!!   I also love giving gifts to my loved ones, but I must admit...it can be a little stressful. 

One thing that we started doing quite a few years back, has become a wonderful tradition.  A dear friend, that was in our homeschool co-op for many years, told me about something her family did.  It helps to keep the focus too, on the birth of Jesus.  I loved the idea and have been using it ever since!  :)

She too, has 3 boys.  (That is beside the point because this works with anyone!)  ;)  

How many gifts did the wise men bring to baby Jesus in the manger?  Three....gold, frankincense and myrrh.

This is part of a nativity we got as a wedding gift!

How many gifts do our boys get from Mom and Dad for Christmas now?  Three....a "spiritual" gift, a "practical" gift and a "fun" gift.  Three gifts...with some meaning, purpose and thought!  I love it!!! 

*The "spiritual" gift (frankincense) is often a Christian book, DVD or music.  There would be other options, I'm sure.

*The "practical" gift (myrrh) is a great way to give them a new hooded sweatshirt, or flannel sheets....usually something they need.
*The "fun" gift (gold) is a toy, or now that they are getting older,  I'm not sure!!!!  LOL!!!  :)

We still do "stockings" on Christmas morning and will maybe put gum, candy, and small items in them as well.

This has worked so well for our family.  Our boys truly love this too.  They talk about, "I wonder what my gold gift will be..."  or "I hope I get ______ for my frankincense gift this year."

This is what works for me, and actually I have bought one present already!!!!  Yay!!

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