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Friday, November 5, 2010

Frugal Friday...a tip from me to you

I think that "frugal living" is something that I have done for so long, out of necessity, and the desire to be a good steward of what the Lord has blessed me with, that it is sometimes even difficult to decide what I do that others might not...

Does that make sense?

In thinking about a Frugal Friday post, I threw something away in the kitchen trash. 

There's my idea!!!

This may seem like a no-brainer to most of you, but I thought it was worth telling, in case it would help one person make a change!

I never buy trash bags for our house. 

For our under the kitchen sink trash, I use a paper grocery bag.  That's it!

Now, I know some of you, especially those in the South, don't have paper grocery bags! 

I feel for ya! 

When I first visited my sister after they moved to Florida, I was shocked that the stores didn't offer paper grocery bags....something about cockroaches loving to eat the glue????

Yuck!  I'm a northern girl...we don't deal with critters like where I come from!  LOL!

So, maybe others out there have a great frugal idea for a kitchen trash bag!  :)

For my bathroom trash (and the boys' rooms, when I remember...) I line the small trash can with a plastic bag.  Easy peasy to grab the bag and throw it away...no fuss...no mess!!!!

So, that is MY Frugal Friday tip....

I sure hope I haven't started a "you shouldn't use plastic bags" debate....  ;)

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  1. I try to be as green as possible, but some stores insist on giving you those plastic bags. You might as well make them do at least one more job before sending them to the landfill, right?

    Stop on over and visit Free 2 Be Frugal sometime soon!


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