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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Saving $$$ on what you already are buying....

My intention in writing about the frugalness in our house, is to encourage you to save money in ways you may not have thought of before.

I NEVER want to encourage you to spend money on something you weren't planning on buying.

BUT...I do want you to think about how to get the most for your money on things you were going to buy anyway!!!

Am I making sense?

I know I have mentioned some of these ways that we save money before, but thought they were worth repeating, especially now that some of you have only started reading my blog recently.  (Thank you, by the way!)  :)

***I LOVE Kwik Trip!!!!  I am sorry if you don't have a Kwik Trip by you! They are currently only located in Minnesota, Wisconsin and Iowa.  See if there is a location near you.
By using the Kwik Trip credit card (which we pay off each month) we earn cash back each quarter!  We buy our gas, milk in bags (best price anywhere), bread ('cause I can't always make my own), bananas, and sometimes butter and eggs.  We usually receive a $30 gift certificate/quarter to be used for buying more gas, milk, etc.

This is what I am talking about....taking advantage of the loyalty programs that your stores are offering you.  Don't buy more, just make sure you are being proactive in being a smart shopper!  :)

I know that Super America offers rewards.  Any others you use?

***I LOVE Target!!!!  We used to have a Target credit card and.....we ended up shredding it when we took Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University. :)

BUT, I just got a new one and let me explain why....

Target gives me 5% back on my purchases AT THE REGISTER!!!!

Here's why this will work for me:
*I shop at Target all of the time anyway.  They consistently have the cheapest prices on groceries (excluding milk, of course, that I buy at Kwik Trip.)
*I can buy my items on the credit card, getting my 5% back, and go straight to the customer service counter  and pay the bill off, if I so choose to do so right away.

Again, I am getting the most for my money on things that I will be buying anyway....

Here are some online ways to save and earn rewards and cash back:
***If you have been reading me for some time now, it is not a surprise that I LOVE Swagbucks!  This is a way to earn rewards WITHOUT spending any money!  Look at my previous posts on Swagbucks to learn more.  I have earned $60 of Amazon gift cards since February.  :)  If you sign up, and take advantage of all the ways to earn (including inviting friends to sign up with your code) you too can earn great rewards!  :)
Search & Win

***Another online way to earn without having to spend any money is MyPoints.  Earning points here is as easy as checking out an e-mail offer.  I have earned Subway, Starbucks and Panera gift cards with MyPoints.

***Ebates is a site that I have just joined and will consider doing some comparison shopping on it to see if it will be worth ordering any Christmas presents through their site.  I have seen people talk about loving Ebates, because they earn cash back and not points.

All 3 of these sites can be used to earn money, points, and/or rewards by shopping online.  So, IF you were planning on shopping online for any gifts, it might be well worth checking out these sites, to see the cash back offers they have and IF it makes sense to purchase through them.

Some other offers I have heard of this holiday season also include:
***Walmart---use their credit card as it is offering up to 1% cash back on purchases and savings on gas
***ToysRUs---offering 10% back now through Dec.24 with Rewards R Us
***Amazon---offering huge discounts of 25% and more on select toys right now (often free shipping too)

So, with a little thought, you can save on what you are buying or planning to buy anyway!  :)

I hope what Works for Me, has been a help for you!  (More Works for Me Wednesday posts here.)

Please note there are several affiliate links included in this post, but in no way does it influence my opinion.  :)

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