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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Purex Complete Crystals....a review

Writing my own blog has given me some unique and new opportunities! 

One of the fun things that I have been able to do is try some different products for FREE!

You know I love free things!  :)

A few weeks ago, I signed up to become a Purex Insider.  This just means that Purex will send me samples of their products to try and review.  They also will provide me with free product coupons to give away to my readers.  Yay!  I get products to try and Purex gets my honest review. 

So, last week I received my first Purex Insider package.  It included a sample of their new Purex Complete Crystals to try.  It is an interesting new idea.  You sprinkle the crystals in with your clothes in the washing machine, and not in the dispenser.  You do this at the beginning and not with the rinse water.  Cool!

I didn't realize that liquid fabric softeners can contain up to 20% oil in them.  (That's kind of gross to think that it can add oil into your clothes!)  A few of the problems with that, is it makes certain children's sleepwear flammable, and it reduces the performance of DuoDry in certain athletic wear.  Check out why that happens here, where they explain how Purex works.

So, I have done several loads of laundry with my sample.  It took some getting used to, just sprinkling the crystals in with the clothes, instead of in the softener dispenser, but I think I can handle the change!  LOL!  :)

I have a front loading washer, and these crystals can be used in a top loading, or front loading HE washing machines.

I think they worked just great!  The fragrance took some getting used to, and I would like to try the other fragrance choices, as my husband did not care for the Fresh Spring Waters.  That is just personal preference though.  The other fragrances available are Lavendar Blossom and Tropical Splash.

If you enjoy taking out towels from your closet, and still like them to smell fresh, you will like this feature!  :)

Remember to get your coupon to try the new Purex Complete Crystals, and I will be giving away some coupons to try it for FREE very soon!  :) Pin It Print Friendly and PDF