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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Works for Me Wednesday...kitchen cabinet knobs

Well, as many of you know, my husband and I successfully installed laminate flooring in our kitchen about a month ago!

Have I told you, I love it????  (I think I have!)

The danger of getting something new however, just exaggerates the "oldness" of things that surround the new item....my cupboards were now screaming, "I am getting worn out!!!!" at me.  What to do?  Obviously, we weren't going to replace them, and truthfully, they aren't THAT bad....but they needed a little "pizzazz".  I do have a deep down desire to paint them....I have seen some gorgeous DIY before & after pictures of cupboards that people have dared to paint, even my in-laws have done this (but I knew there was a LOT of work involved).

So, after talking with a few others about this dilemma, I opted for new cabinet knobs!!!

I was a little hesitant to even add knobs, since our kitchen cabinets have the 90's look of "no knobs", and once added, I would always have to have knobs or have a hole in my door.

I found cute knobs that I liked pretty well (even better, they were on clearance at Super Target) and I could do my upper cabinets for under $12!!!!  :)

And once the project was started, it was finished in less than a half hour!!!!

A very cheap and easy project, but gives just a little more "newness" to my "old" cabinets!

It's what "Works for Me", and you can see other ideas at We are THAT family.

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