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Friday, April 15, 2011

Frugal Friday...Wheatgrass...for nutrition & decoration!

Last Friday, our local Great Harvest Bakery celebrated their 13th birthday.  My youngest and I just had to go and celebrate with them!  (We LOVE Great Harvest Bakery!)

One of the friendly workers handed my son a package of wheatgrass seeds.  "This is what we grind our wheat flour from, and if you plant it, it will grow tall grass in less than a week!" she said.

How fun!  A little science project to do at home.

Now, I had heard that people rave about the health benefits of wheatgrass also....I have never tried it myself but was willing to give it a try.  Of course there is varied opinion on the benefits of wheat grass.  Here is an article from Mayo Clinic
I also know that wheatgrass smoothies can be VERY expensive at a health store and/or restaurant.  Our wheatgrass is probably tall enough now to snip off a little to add to a smoothie.  Who will be the first to taste it, I wonder???

So, my Frugal Friday tip will be to try growing your own wheatgrass at home.

Even if we don't end up eating it, it makes a cute little decoration for our spring home decor!  :)

Do you grow your own wheatgrass???

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