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Thursday, May 19, 2011

My Upside Down Tomato/Basil Basket!!!

I LOVE Spring!!!

One, of the many, things I love is planting containers with flowers.  Yesterday though, my youngest and I planted something other than flowers in a hanging basket.....

I had seen a short video as I watched Swagbucks TV (to earn some extra Swagbucks...yay!  Don't know about Swagbucks?  Learn more in this post.) and the video was a segment from a gardening show.  The woman was showing how you could plant a tomato plant, upside down, through the bottom of a hanging basket.  On the top side of the basket, she planted basil and marigolds...two more plants that can handle full sun.

Now, I had always seen the ever-popular Topsy Turvy Tomato Planters, but had never tried using one.  I don't necessarily care for the look of the Topsy Turvy planter, and loved the idea of the one shown on this video segment.

So yesterday, on the way home from errands, I asked my youngest (who loves to plant with me) if we should stop at Mills Fleet Farm (actually he told me I said "Menards", but he should have known I meant "Fleet Farm"....I can't understand when my children can't read my mind...;))  Anyway....he liked that idea, so off we went.

I purchased a hanging basket with the coco liners (very similar to this one), for a whopping $3.49!  I didn't know they were so reasonable.  Then we bought a "Red Grape" tomato plant, a 4 pack of yellow marigolds, and a "Dwarf Basil" plant.

We poked a hole in the bottom of the coco liner, and gently pushed/pulled the tomato plant stem and leaves through the bottom.  I filled dirt around the tomato's soil, and then placed the other plants where I wanted them, and filled the spaces in with soil.

Hurray for fresh basil and tomatoes this summer!!!!!!!!!

Now, it is hanging outside our walk-out patio doors....hopefully the deer won't be bold enough, to walk that close to the house, to nibble on it....

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