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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Collect Swagbucks now to help with Holiday shopping later!

**This promotion is no longer valid, but you can still sign up of Swagbucks here.** 
 As you know, I am a firm believer in Swagbucks!  I have earned over $100 in Amazon gift cards, no cost to me.

Right now, if you sign up with Swagbucks, you have an opportunity to earn a bonus of 500 Swagbucks.  How?
If you refer 5 people to join, you will earn your 500 Swagbucks bonus when they each earn a total of 50 Swagbucks.  (You have until the end of the year to collect your bonus.)  Hey, 450 Swagbucks can be turned in for a $5 Amazon gift card!
This signup bonus will only run through October 17, so sign up and tell your friends to sign up too!

So, use code 5for5 during signup, to be included in this great promotion.  (Anyone who uses this code to start, will automatically receive a total of 100 Swagbucks!)
Earn 500 Swagbucks for 5 referrals!

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If you sign up with my link, I will earn Swagbucks too.  My family thanks you!  :) Pin It Print Friendly and PDF