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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Time...the gift that I can give today!

Happy Birthday, to my wonderful little mom!  Little, because she really is...she measures (or used to anyway) 5 foot 3 inches tall!  I am 5 foot 9 3/4 inches tall, so she really is my "little" mom!

She is a wonderful mother, wife, sister, grandmother and now even a great grandmother.  I know too, that she was a wonderful daughter, but I never got to see her in the role of "daughter", as both of her parents died before I was even born.

What a blessing it has been to me, that my children have always known their "Mormor", as they call her.  (Swedish for mother's mother.)

She always answers, when asked what she might like for Christmas or her birthday, "you are my present."  I know she means in all sincerity.  And even though, I would love to buy her something expensive and absolutely fabulous, I am unable to do that with our limited resources.

So today, no gift in hand, my youngest and I will take Mormor "out for coffee", and enjoy just being together.

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