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Thursday, January 19, 2012

In need of textbooks? Lots of offers at Barnes & Noble!

I am by no means an expert in buying textbooks anymore...I mean I did graduate from college over 20 years ago!!!  Ugh!  Did I really just admit that???!!!  LOL!

Anyway, I see that Barnes & Noble has some offers right now that might be worth checking into, if you have college students, or if you are a college student in need of textbooks.

It looks like in the world of textbooks these days, you have some options that were not around for me!
E-textbooks!!!  Definitely not around in the '80s!
Barnes & Noble
Rent your textbooks:
Barnes & Noble
Barnes & Noble
Also, if you spend $200 (which is not hard to do, I'm sure!), you can
Get B&N Membership for $1 when you spend $200 on new Textbooks at BN.com!

Many of these offers include FREE shipping also, and free returns with rental textbooks!

Does anyone have any experience with textbooks, and the best way you or your children have found to buy them these days?  I would love if you would share in the comment section below!

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