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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Scalloped Potatoes (with Ham)

Scalloped potatoes...sometimes called creamed potatoes.

Definitely comfort food!

Scalloped potatoes (without the ham) is what we always have on Christmas with my side of the family.  Yum.  This past Christmas (a few weeks ago) we hosted our families at our house.  It was very fun to be able to stay home and enjoy our families here.  Christmas Eve with my husband's side, and Christmas Day with my family.  I was in charge of the Scalloped potatoes.  I was a little concerned about making them because my mother makes them without a recipe, and they turn out great!  I was mentioning this to my sister (who wasn't going to be here for Christmas), and she told me exactly how she had fixed them.
I made them how she told me to, and they were wonderful!

So, last week I wanted to use some of the leftover Christmas ham which had been cubed and frozen, so I put scalloped potatoes on the menu.

This is how to make them.

Scalloped Potatoes (and Ham)
*5 pound bag of potatoes, peeled and cut into 1 inch pieces
*3 T. butter
*3 T. flour
*3 cups milk

Place the potatoes in a large pot, making sure they are covered with water, by a half inch or so.  Once water is boiling, turn to low and simmer until tender, approximately 20 - 25 minutes. 
In a separate pan, melt the butter.  Stir in the flour, a little at a time, over low to medium heat.  Add the milk to the flour/butter mixture, one half cup at a time.  The sauce will begin to thicken.  Make sure you are stirring constantly and watch carefully as this can easily burn/scorch on the bottom of the pan.  Boil for a couple of minutes.  If you would rather do this in the microwave, you can use a microwave safe bowl, and heat for a minute at a time. 
When the potatoes are tender, drain and place into one large casserole, or 2 smaller casseroles.

Pour the white sauce over the potatoes.  Add salt and pepper to taste, and stir.

Keep them plain, or add cubed ham to the potatoes.

Bake in a 350* oven for 30 minutes.

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