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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Double Fuel Perks at Roundy's Supermarkets

Attention Rainbow Foods, Copps, and Pick 'n Save shoppers!  You can now earn double fuel perks for every $50 you spend when you shop for groceries through February 18 (that's Saturday) and use your Roundy's Rewards Card.

Don't have a Roundy's Reward Card?  Easily sign up for free at any Rainbow Foods, Copps, or Pick 'n Save store.

Here are the details:

·         Double fuelperks means that, if a shopper would normally save 5 cents per gallon, they will save 10 cents per gallon during the promotional period.
·         To earn fuelperks rewards, shoppers must use their Roundy’s Rewards Card at purchase.  Fuelperks are automatically credited to the shopper’s account at check-out, and their balance is printed on their receipt.
·         To redeem fuelperks, shoppers simply swipe their card at the pump at participating BP fuel stations and watch the price go down. 

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