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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Garden overgrown with Mint??? Make tea!

I will never, ever plant peppermint in my garden again!!! 
I love peppermint, but years ago, the newbie gardener that I was, planted a "cute little pot of peppermint"...
I have since read a lot about the aggressive, invasive behavior of this "not so cute little plant"...lol!

I still do like it, but have learned to dig it out when it reappears every spring, and plant some in a pot for the deck...

...and give some away (with strict instructions to keep it in a pot!)

...and to make mint iced tea.  Yum!

I looked online and all of the recipes for iced mint tea had tea in them also.  I just wanted to use my mint leaves for the "tea".

So, I did.

Iced Mint Tea
*bunch of fresh mint leaves, roughly cut or torn into pieces
*4 cups water
*sugar, or your choice of sweetener

Bring the water to a boil and add mint leaves.  Turn off the heat and allow the mint leaves to steep for 8 minutes.  Strain the tea through a strainer, into a large mason jar, or other pitcher.
Add sugar (or sweetener) to taste.  I added a couple of spoons to it.  Stir until dissolved.
Pour over ice. 

Add a sprig of mint to your tea (because it looks fancy). 


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