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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Get Organized! FREE e-book download!

Wow!!!  I like the sound of this book:
Get Organized! Your 12 Month Home Clutter Killer Guide : 2nd Edition (Revised) : Organizing The House, Decluttering And How To Clean Your Home To Perfection (Gleam Guru)

Maybe this book will help me take charge of my house!!! Haha!
You can grab this one for free today! (I'm not sure how long it will be free, so just double check the price when you add it to your cart at Amazon.)

I would love to hear the one thing (or feel free to share more than one) that helps you control clutter in your home...

By the way, you do not need a Kindle in order to read this book.  By downloading the Free Kindle Reading app, you can enjoy the books on many different devices.  I don't have a Kindle.  I just read it on my PC, or even my Android phone.

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  1. Replies
    1. I just briefly skimmed through it...I think it will be a helpful little book...and it's FREE! If you download it and don't find it useful, you haven't spent a dime! :)


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