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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Back to a (somewhat) regular schedule!!!

Well, I really feel as if I have been missing in action, as far as "2 Make Ends Meet" lately.

For good reason though, as I enjoyed spending almost a week of time with my sister and niece...both in town to move my niece back in for her junior year of college.  Wow, I feel old!

My sister and I live far away these days...she is in Texas and I am in Minnesota.  We are so thankful for technology...phone calls, Facebook, and even Skype keep us feeling much closer in proximity than we really are in reality.
(By the way, one of the highlights of the week was our "sibling breakfast"...just the three of us...my brother, sister and me!  So much fun!

So, as the fall is quickly approaching, I am gearing up for some fun things at "2 Make Ends Meet"...

*an upcoming giveaway
*more menu planning (maybe a month at a time...simple is my motto)
*tips, hopefully, for more ways to help us all save money and time

Would you like money saving tips and a little slice
of my reality from "2 Make Ends Meet"?  Then I invite you to join me!
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