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Monday, August 13, 2012

Menu Plan Monday...week of August 13

My menu plan has been missing in action these last few weeks (it's been in my head...sort of, but not written down anywhere)!
I have decided to simplify my life in this area.  After chatting at the dinner table last week (or maybe the week before...haha) about the challenge of getting interesting meals on the table every day, I proposed to my family about having the same meal plan every week that includes favorite (easy) meals.
My husband said, "that would be fine".
You mean I could have been making life easier for all these years, and I didn't even know it!!!???  LOL!

So, we continued to discuss some meals that they enjoyed.  We also agreed that cold weather meals would be different from hot weather meals.
I certainly can be flexible, but it felt so good to know that my family was not expecting me to produce amazing meals every night...they are just hungry, and want to be fed!  LOL!

So, this is the plan I will be attempting, as our regular meal plan:

MONDAY:  Grilled Cheese (& deli meat, if desired) sandwiches

TUESDAY:  Taco Tuesday (chicken soft tacos this week)

WEDNESDAY:  Sloppy Joes  (other weeks this might be crock pot BBQ sandwiches)

THURSDAY:  Angel Hair Pasta (w/ sauce & parmesan cheese) and meatballs (other weeks, this might be some type of pasta bake)

FRIDAY:  Baked Potato Bar

Choices for sides:
Easy Oven Fries
Fresh Green Beans (from our garden)
Tossed salad
Cucumbers (from garden)
Cherry Tomatoes (from garden)

I think this will make life SO much easier and stressful for me! 
This plan can easily be changed, but I am using ingredients that I normally have on hand, which is very helpful!

How about you?  Have you decided to make your life simpler?  Maybe this is something that many of you do already!! 
I would love to hear your ideas, so feel free to comment below.

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