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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Dial Antibacterial Foaming Hand Wash...for the Holidays!

I love to add special touches around the house during the Holidays, don't you?

Here is a great way to make washing your hands a little more festive:
Aren't they cute?

They get your hands clean, kill 99% of germs, and they smell good too!

I learned something new though...I've been using foaming hand wash the wrong way!  LOL!

According to the directions, you are to put some soap on dry hands, rub your hands together, and THEN rinse off the soap!  I've always been wetting my hands first, but it works MUCH better when you follow directions!  Haha!  :)

Check out the other cute designs available, including Santa, Holiday Scene, Snowman and Candy Cane!

Dial provided free samples of their Holiday Foaming Hand Soap so I could review them.  As usual, all opinions expressed here are my own. Pin It Print Friendly and PDF