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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Clever Coffee Capsule...from $9...today only!

I don't own one of those fancy Keurig type coffee brewers, even though I secretly would really love one!  :)

Part of the reason I don't think I could justify buying one, is that it seems wasteful with all of the individual packaging.

IF I would ever buy one, I would think a reusable filter would be the way to go...something like this:

Today on Moolala, you can order one for $9, or a 3 pack for $19
These reusable filters work in most single serve systems.
The Moolala deal is over, but Amazon offers reusable filters like this one below:


If you are the person that usually drinks the same coffee, or tea, why not save $$ by buying larger packages of coffee, and using this filter over and over again!

I would like to know...do you have a single serve brewing system?  Do you use reusable filters? Pin It Print Friendly and PDF