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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Throwback Thursday (#tbt)...music goes around and comes back around!

I like to say that I have a wide range in my taste of music.  I always have, and I think I always will...

My boys have been exposed to and appreciate lots of music too, because of this...

Yesterday, as my 15 year old was looking for some music to download (he had some free credit on Amazon), he was listening to this from Mumford and Sons:

I had never heard this version before, but of course I started singing along at the chorus.  In bewilderment, he looked at me and asked, "you know this?!"  I said, "of course, it's Simon and Garfunkel's song!"

We listened to the original afterwards.  He likes the remake better, of course...I think you often prefer whatever you hear first, don't you?

Have you experienced this with your kids?

Please share with the rest of us!

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