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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Valentine Idea for your college kids away at school! (or loved ones far away)!

Our oldest is a freshman in college this year.  Although he is only about 30 minutes away from us, he lives on campus, so he is not home most of the time.
When I was in college a few many years ago, I remember how much fun it was to get something from home in my P.O. Box.
Even in this day of smartphones, texting, snap-chatting, Face Time, etc. I think he still appreciates when he gets something from home in his P.O. Box!
Why wouldn't he! 

The university that he attends actually makes it easy for parents to send a Valentine greeting to your student, which I went ahead and did, but I see these cute cookies from Cheryl's and I think I may have to send this, as well!

How fun is this?


It includes a yummy cookie, a greeting, and a $5 off gift card all starting at $5.99 delivered!!!

So why not send a Cheryl's Cookie Greetings?! 

There are 3 Valentine cookie options to choose from. You can even request the day you would like it to be delivered!

Such a fun, low cost, yummy idea to let your college student (or other loved ones) know that you are thinking about them!

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