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Monday, April 11, 2016

Makeover Monday...sneak peek at my cabinets!

Eighteen years ago, my husband and I had our house built for us.  Way back then, I really would have liked white cabinets and trim but my husband and our realtor talked me out of it and we had oak installed.  They were concerned that it would be hard to keep it looking clean with an almost 2 year old, and another baby on the way.

The old cabinets really did look nice...it was brand new house, so of course it would.

Through the years though, I keep seeing beautiful pictures in magazines and on fixer upper shows that feature white trim and cabinets, and I secretly wish, once again that I would have had them installed when we built the house.

Over time, to our dismay, our oak cabinets have become very "yellow" (I hear that complaint from many people).  We agreed that if I wanted to tackle painting them to give it a try!  I knew it would be a lot of work, but I actually kind of like painting.

I also wanted to paint our walls gray (but that's a whole other story, lol!)...

I will write more later about my process, but here is a quick before picture (of our "pantry" wall):

And after:

I am very pleased with the transformation!  It is amazing how different they look!

My family really likes it too!

I will write more later...when I am finished with all of them...

Stay tuned!

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