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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

New from Checkout 51...friends earn $5 cash back & you do too!

Here's some fun news from Checkout 51!  (Don't have the app yet, download it here)

Download the app today!

Starting tomorrow, Thursday, June 2, Checkout 51 is launching a two-week referral program for all members in the US.

Here's how it works:
  1. On Thursday June 2, members will receive a personal link on their Checkout 51 list that they can share with their friends.
  2. Friends earn $5 cash back when they sign up and upload a receipt.
  3. The original member that referred the friend earns $5 cash back for every friend that signs up and saves!
In order to get the bonuses - referred members must sign up by June 15, and must upload their first receipt by July 20.
What a great deal!  You get cash back on items you buy, as usual, but when you refer your friends, they get an extra $5 cash back, and you do too (for every friend that uses your referral link)!
Start referring away!  :)
Some of this week's cash back offers
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