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Saturday, May 27, 2017

Have a child heading off to college? Check out Amazon Student!

My second born son will soon be graduating from high school, and heading off to college.  Where does the time go!!!

We learned with my first born, that the six month FREE trial to Amazon Student was very beneficial!!  He was able to buy some of his textbooks on Amazon for much less money than other places!  Added bonus:  FREE 2-Day shipping!

I am definitely going to have son #2 sign up for the six month trial, as well (and hopefully find many of his textbooks on there)!

It also comes in handy for decorating their dorm room (as much as young men "decorate")...

Amazon Student is great for buying needed supplies (especially when they probably don't have access to a car)...toothpaste, shampoo, snacks...(almost anything you can imagine, can be found on Amazon)!

So, if you have a child heading off to college, they really have nothing to lose by signing up for the FREE six month Amazon Student account!

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