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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Baby Steps....part 2

As I referred to yesterday, I am taking some baby steps in getting myself "reorganized".  My previous post referred to my exercise routine.  Well, today, let me tell you about our budget that we are getting control over once again!!!
Several years ago, my husband and I attended Financial Peace University classes at our church.  Dave Ramsey is the fabulous creator of this program.  You maybe have heard him on the radio, or maybe have read his books.  This class changed our lives.....for awhile.  We were doing fabulous with making a budget and sticking to it.  We had paid off our credit cards and had $1000 in our emergency fund.  Then we got lazy.  We stopped making a budget, and things got out of control again.
So, here we are, January 2010, and enough is enough!!!!  Time to take all of the wonderful things we learned from FPU and apply them to our lives again.  I am happy to say, we have a budget for this month.  We have taken all that we will be earning this month and we have designated where each dollar should go......I have to say....."that makes me happy."

If you are interested in just his books, Amazon has a lot of them....  Pin It Print Friendly and PDF