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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Frugal Shopping---My Coke Rewards

Are you throwing money down the drain?  Read on and let's see if you are....I have always loved getting something for nothing, that is F-R-E-E....FREE!!!!  My friends tease me also, that I am always winning something, or always getting freebies.  Well, it is kind of true, but I have to say it's because I work at it!!!  LOL!  One of the programs that I use is My Coke Rewards.  If you drink any Coke products (which include more than you think), you need to be a part of it!  At the very least, you earn a free beverage every 30 points.  During baseball season, we were able to redeem quite a few free beverages just by entering the codes from PowerAde caps.  I just downloaded a free MP3 song right now that I got by entering my points on My Coke Rewards .  Yes, it does take a small amount of time to register, remember to save your caps, and enter your codes.  In the end, it might be worth the small effort.  Then, you can be known by your friends as the one who is always getting something for nothing!!!!
Look for more ways to get FREE things in the future right here.  I plan on telling you more of my little secrets right here at 2 Make Ends Meet Pin It Print Friendly and PDF