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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Help Haiti by Using Coupons This Week

What a great idea!  I know many of us are really trying to live frugally, and might feel like we don't have much to give.  Coupon Mom is doing something great this week.  Here is a chance for you to continue to live frugally, using your coupons and Coupon Mom will donate 5 cents per coupon that you download from her website.  This money will go to provide Haitians with clean water.  This is what her e-mail said:  (The links might not work below, if not, go to Coupon Mom.)

New Coupons Added Daily
Help Haiti at no cost with our coupons this week

According to Unicef, 46% of Haitians do not have access to safe drinking water.  However, Unicef can purify water at a cost of 1 cent per liter.  It only costs 50 cents to provide clean drinking water to a family of four for a full month.  Therefore, CouponMom.com is going to donate 5 cents per every printable coupon redeemed in the next week, beginning today.  When  you use 10 coupons printed through our links, you will provide clean water to a family for a month at no cost to you.  You do not have to use the coupon within the next week, but you do need to print it by the end of the day Tuesday, January 26th to be counted. Please forward this email to friends and family to encourage them to help in our Haiti fundraising drive, at no cost to shoppers. In fact, you'll save more!  Print your coupons from the links below to be counted in the drive.


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