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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

FREE Disney Digital Books 7 day trial--NO credit card required :)

I just signed up for a FREE one week subscription at DisneyDigitalBooks.  Family Fun magazine had a promotion for it in this month's magazine.  When I went to Disney's website however, I found that they were already offering a free trial for 7 days and I did not need Family Fun's code.  No credit card was required to sign up and you do not need to cancel anything once the trial is finished.

I looked around a little bit and thought it looks fabulous!  My youngest will be pleased to play around on here for a while!  :)  They have features to have books read to you, a story builder application, and much more!

Give it a try!  If you figure out a place to enter Family Fun's code, FAMFUNMARCH14, please let me know in the comments section.  According to the magazine, that code would give you 2 weeks FREE.  Pin It Print Friendly and PDF