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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

FREE Subway Footlongs for a year! Try your chance at winning!!!

We don't eat out very often, but we do make sure to budget in some money to do so each month.  One of our favorite places to eat is Subway.  It's good and good for you!  :)  Right now they have a contest going to win FREE footlongs for a year (one footlong each week).  If you sign up to receive e-mails from them, they will send you a free code, I believe.  I do know if you follow them on Twitter, they will send you 2 free codes per week.  You can receive codes from buying 32 oz. drinks too.  (That's a lot of soda!!!!  You might want to share it as a family!  :)) 

Give it a try....you can't win, if you don't try!  :) Pin It Print Friendly and PDF