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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Organize your Grocery List with ZipList

Yesterday I mentioned a great tool to use for your grocery shopping.  This is an online program that will help you organize your grocery list.  It is called ZipList.  One of the things that is so neat about it, is the fact that you can add your items to the list and specify them by store.  If you are like me, many weeks you are purchasing sale items at a few stores and would like to keep track of them in a master list.  The benefit to this, is when you are ready to shop you don't have to look at your whole list, but can have it show only one store at a time.  There are many features that I haven't even discovered yet too (as I am dealing with my old, slow computer right now and it takes too much time to look around!!!  LOL!!) 
Another feature is an application that will send it to your phone, or your husband's phone (or whoever else might be stopping at the store for you.)  Or maybe you forgot your list at home, you can access it from your iphone too.  I don't have fancy things like that yet, but I love what ZipList will be able to do for me. 
Check it out....I would love to hear if you like it too! Pin It Print Friendly and PDF