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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

HisKids.net--FREE online children's radio programs

When I was a little girl, I loved to listen to our local Christian radio station on Saturday mornings.  This was the day that they had children's programs.  I remember "Uncle Charlie" and "The Sugar Creek Gang".  Today, my boys love to listen to Adventures in Odyssey, Jonathan Park and others.  The AM signal to our local station that plays those programs is rather weak, however, and we can't always listen.  We thought we solved the problem when my parents gave the boys a HisKids radio for Christmas a few years ago.  This radio had 2 stations....all children's programming from HisKids Radio, or KTIS, our local Christian station.  Unfortunately when His Kids radio made the switch to satellite, our local station chose not to continue broadcasting.  :(  (I might have to give them a call!)  I have discovered that all of the programs can be listened to on their website though.  If you are interested in some positive programming for your children, check it out at HisKids.net.
They have a WiFi radio that you can purchase (comparable to the old radio my boys received), if your children really love it and you don't want to have them using the computer to listen! 

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