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Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Great Sunflower Project---"Real Science for your kids"

As March came in "like a lamb" up here in the North, we are anxiously looking forward to spring.  Spring means green grass, gardens and baseball, around this house! 
You too, may be thinking about a garden this spring and here is a wonderful way to use your garden as a way to do some "real science" with your children. 
The Great Sunflower Project wants your help in counting bees!  The requirements to do so are very minimal.  Plant "Lemon Queen" sunflower seeds, watch them grow and count how many bees come to them in a 15 minute period.  You will then record your results on their website.  What a fabulous opportunity for your children to see how real scientists go about their work.  Check out the website for complete details. Pin It Print Friendly and PDF