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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Online Homeschool Convention---that's a first!!!!

This is something that I have never seen before and I think it is kind of cool!  In the internet age that we live in, it is possible.  I am talking about the e-mail that I just received from The Old Schoolhouse Magazine.  This is what it says:

Homeschool nations, locations, and motivations unite when The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine and The Old Schoolhouse® Speakers Bureau organize a convention. A virtual homeschool convention designed for all homeschoolers comes together . . . The Schoolhouse Expo!

Spring is upon us; how is your school year going? Could you use some help with learning styles and homeschool methods? Are you struggling through writing transcripts? Are you struggling to teach multiple grades? How is your homeschool budget—wavering? The Schoolhouse Expo has help for all of these needs and so much more! Attend this incredibly innovative, interactive event—a virtual homeschool convention! Brought to you by a company you trust—TOS.

Dynamic homeschool speakers . . . Andrew Pudewa, Davis Carman, Malia Russell, Amanda Bennett, Susan Wise Bauer, Kim Kautzer, and perhaps Diana Waring.

Incredible homeschool companies . . . Schola Publications, Spears Art Studio, ALEKS, Motherboard Books, Math Mammoth, Talking Fingers, and Sing ‘n Learn.

With physical door prizes, great interaction, and PowerPoint presentations you don’t want to miss, The Schoolhouse Expo may be the most exciting event you attend this May! The Expo is easy to attend—just a high-speed Internet connection and speakers are required. No travel expense, no sitter, yet you can enjoy a virtual vendor hall with special conference pricing, physical door prizes at every session, and a goodie bag of downloads for every registered participant. The goodie bag is worth more than 20 times the ticket price! Register today to be sure you do not miss this spectacular event.

If you are interested, check it out here....Schoolhouse Expo
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