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Friday, April 30, 2010

Tomorrow is May Day! Make a May Basket!!!

Tomorrow is May Day!  When I was a little girl I always loved to pick the little wild purple violets that grew in our yard.  I'm sure they would be considered weeds, but to this day I absolutely love them!!!  I was delighted several years back when a student of mine gave me a little pot of these violets to plant in our yard.  My husband might not be too happy, because they have taken over the grass also.  But they are so pretty and dainty!!!

One of the things that I would always do on May Day, as a little girl, was pick a tiny bouquet of these beauties and quickly ring the doorbell and run away.  My mother was always delighted to find the little "May basket" that I had left for her.  Some years the baskets were made at school and saved to give at home.  Other years my basket was to simply pick a few violets, place them on the doorstep, ring the doorbell and run away!

I thought it would be fun to find a few facts about May Day.  As I searched on the internet I found that there are many different origins to the "holiday" and many different ways that it is celebrated.  I think I like the way that I was taught to celebrate.  Simply leaving a little basket of flowers and/or treats on someone's doorstep, as anonymously as possible.  What a fun surprise!

I love the Swedish woven paper baskets.  If you would like to try making them, here are 2 sets of instructions.  Creative Kids at Home instructions and Making Woven Paper Baskets

Who can you surprise???

Do you have any May Day traditions?  I would love to have you share them here, so we can all read about them!!

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