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Friday, June 11, 2010

De-Frazzling my Friday!!! episode 4....continued

Okay, I am done with my coffee, I have completed a couple of errands, and my youngest has a friend over.  My middle son is watching World Cup Soccer, and my oldest is still sleeping.  :)

So, my de-frazzling today will be playing a little "catch-up" around here!  (Sorry, no pictures to post!)  :)

I am going to put a baking dish full of Frugal Easy Macaroni and Cheese in the oven and then straighten up around the house.  If I am motivated enough, I might even put together some On-the-Go Pizza Rolls, using turkey and cheese instead today.  Oh, wait....I need flour.  Maybe not today!!!  :)

And so my life goes..... 

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