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Friday, June 11, 2010

Great News at Swagbucks!!!!

**This promotion is no longer valid, but you can still sign up of Swagbucks here.** Swagbucks keeps getting better and better!  They are offering more and more ways to earn Swagbucks, and turn them in for great prizes (my personal favorite being $5 Amazon gift cards.)  I have been a Swagbucks member since the end of 2009 and have already earned $20 on Amazon for doing not much of anything different.  You can read about more exciting Mega Bucks in today's Swagbucks Blog.

One of the new offerings that I really like is answering short surveys to earn Swagbucks.

Things to make sure to do:
1.  Download the Swagbucks Toolbar, keep yourself logged in, and always do your searching on there.  You will be pleasantly surprised how often you will earn Swagbucks doing this simple step.  (You automatically get 1 Swagbuck per day, for using the toolbar.)
2.  Answer the Daily Poll each day, for 1 Swagbucks.
3.  Sign up to do surveys....earn from 20 to 100 Swagbucks for the surveys.
4.  Pay attention to the toolbar, throughout the day, you may see a message from The Swag Guy, telling you where to find a Swagcode to enter on the Swagbucks home page.

Do you have questions about Swagbucks?  Just ask, and I will try to answer them for you!  :) Pin It Print Friendly and PDF