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Friday, July 9, 2010

Freezing Raspberries

If you didn't remember....I LOVE raspberries!  :)

As I mentioned in an earlier post this week, I also make sure to freeze some raspberries for later use.  I love to use them in smoothies.  They are so good!

It is easy to do.

Rinse the berries under cool water and then let them dry on paper towels.  You might want to have a couple of layers under them, as the beautiful reddish pink juice will stain!!!!  (I know that some might say not to rinse the berries before freezing....sometimes I don't, as they are straight from my garden, and I don't spray them with anything but water.)

After they have dried a little, arrange them in a single layer on a cookie sheet, or in the bottom of a plastic container, on a plate....whatever you have, will do. 

Place this in the freezer for an hour.  It doesn't take long for them to freeze.

Once they are frozen, place the berries in a freezer bag, and place back in the freezer.


This can be done with any berries, or fresh fruit.  Now is a great time to take advantage of the great prices on fresh fruit.  Eat some, and freeze some! Pin It Print Friendly and PDF